Mushrooms and stuff like that 11/2020

On Thursday we went down to the hoop house (as usual) and Shane said “Alright, let’s go get some mushrooms”

we all went into the woods to find some mushrooms.
We took our red science books with us.
Maddy followed me because she did not know where mushrooms were.
When we got to the trail where the mushrooms where they were all smashed.
I think somebody trampled them when we got the hoop house for recess on Wednesday.
so Maddy and I found some that where not smashed.
they were brown and White with a tint of yellow.
the bottom of them looked like Crystals.
then we Drew them and it took about 10 minutes.
Maddy is a really good drawer.
we had to draw the grass and sticks next to them to.
the stick had a purplish tint to it.
After we drew them we wrote a Paragraph about them.
then we cut the bottom of the mushrooms and took it to Shane.
she put it on paper and put it in the hoop house.
and then we went to play Predator and prey.


Invasive species 4/2020

First my questions for invasive species are.

1. Why do people send you?
2. are you sent be mistake?


invasive species Are not good because they take our native plants and animals and they ether drive something out of existence, give things diseases, or make the food chain go Wako.

dose that mean that humans are invasive?I  don’t think so because human originated from monkeys. and they had to all start at one would monkeys get across a ocean 🌊?Would they just swim or something?or were they secretly at the time of the dinosaurs and just walked across the whole earth.Humans are trying to get invasive species OUT.

Is Covid-19 invasive.
I don’t think it is because it’s not living.or it is I don’t really know.well I go to a beach (Higgins lake) some times and they always have zebra muscles. I remember Morley and I would go diving for them take a handful of them and crack them open and feed the insides to the Minos.morley cut her foot on zebra muscles one time. It was a disaster.

Working in da garden 27/2020

When we worked in the garden at first we found squirrel guts!😢 

But then after a awhile they decomposed.

First we pulled all the weeds out (everyone was eating arugula and chives) we also pulled out all the arugula to.

Then the next day we went back and finished pulling everything out and did the next step.

The next step was being partnered up and planning. I was partnered with Jack and we went and got the same amount of watermelon radishes and planted them. 

He went outside and I planted them in the hoop house. 

After that we left and that’s all I got to say.



Dear Miss Cuttatree 


I am a spotted owl. 


I know I don’t live in Michigan but  I want to The other owls I don’t even live in your forest but I just want to say that here’s a reason why. 


First of all you are not the only killing owls if doing this other creatures like small rodents and foxes and stuff like that. so if you did that might put a Dent in that area‘s food chain. because certain stuff eat certain animals like the owls eat the mice 🐭 eat insects and other stuff like that. 


Fun facts about my owl            


My owl has totally black eyes


My type of owl doesn’t have to migrate because we live in California 


Things that my owls eat are like like small rodents flying squirrels and sometimes smaller birds